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“The presenter... has professional legal qualifications and excellent experience...””
- SRA CPD assessor

About Productive Lawyers

Eimear practised as a barrister from Chambers for nearly 10 years before going on to work for the SRA. In her inspection role she witnessed close up how devastating stress can be.

“I saw the pressures – a growing regulation burden, cut-throat marketplace and uncertain economy – and I thought: I don't blame these people for missing costs updates, they're fighting just to stay alive”

She resolved to help lawyers cope better so that they could easily achieve practice excellence by becoming more efficient, productive and happy.

“I couldn't help thinking: what's the use of a lawyer having the highest billing and the best run files if it costs health and happiness?”

She is a Master Emotional Freedom Techniques practitioner and has been working with these techniques for over four years.

“Many lawyers are high flyers but behind the scenes are deeply unhappy and asking themselves 'is this it?' Practice excellence isn't excellent unless the practitioner is fulfilled and happy too.”

Eimear finds these techniques are especially helpful for getting to those places that other therapies just don't reach.