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“... very relevant due to the ever increasing pressures on solicitors under ‘attack’ from funding cutbacks, the inroads of third party competitors (Tesco Law) and the recession.””
- SRA CPD assessor

Case Studies

Chief Executive

A chief executive whose job involved a great deal of international travel came to me in despair. She was getting into grave financial difficulty as a result of her inability to submit expenses claims worth £12,500 and outstanding invoices for consultancy fees to the tune of £69,000. read more...

She was getting deeper and deeper into debt because she was living on overdraft, credit cards and mortgage drawings. The financial juggling was getting out of hand and she was paying penalties right, left and centre.

Despite all this, inexplicably, she couldn’t bring herself to just sit down and do the paperwork. She feared the time when she wouldn’t be able to live or do her job because the credit was running out. By the time she came to me she was in a state of high stress which had begun to affect her ability to function.

We used EFT to bring down her stress levels. She felt immediately more relaxed though it took a few sessions before she felt relaxed enough to tackle the outstanding claims. Within a few weeks, she was able to take action and claim the £81,500 owing.


An engineer came to me because her personal and professional life was in chaos. At work she was struggling to return phone calls, deal with emails and set up urgent meetings. read more...

At home, the new relationship was under pressure because of her failure to finalise her divorce. When she came to me she could see that she was sabotaging her life by creating chaos but she didn’t know why and she couldn’t stop.

Over several sessions, it became clear that she was still suffering from the unresolved trauma of a divorce many years before. With the help of EFT, she came to terms with her sense of injustice at the legal system.

As she became more peaceful, she started dealing first with her professional obligations and then with her personal life. She went on to successfully head up a multi-million pound private energy company.


A barrister came to me with an overwhelming feeling of pointlessness and loss of motivation for his work. read more...

He could only apply himself when he was right at the limit of a deadline. He was afraid that if things didn’t change, he would lose everything. For years he had tried everything to feel ‘normal’ as he put it.

When he came to me, in his own words, it was his ‘last chance’. We had many sessions together during which the dark cloud he had been living under for years – and which nothing else had touched - lifted. He was able to engage with and enjoy life again. He was able to function easily at work.


An academic came to me because he had become stuck in his work.read more...

He had been in crisis for about 18 months and had stopped producing research. He felt useless and a failure. He was on the point of losing everything and couldn’t see a way out.

After just one session, he was able to apply himself to work again. We continued working together and he became more and more productive. Soon he was publishing again, had regained his self-confidence and was feeling more capable and peaceful about his choice of profession.