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“any course that will assist in alleviating the stresses of working life and rendering a solicitor a happier and more self-aware person has got to be very worthwhile and commendable. It must add value. An interesting course.”
- SRA CPD assessor


I offer a range of one-to-one coaching programmes. If you do not see one that is just right, we can explore the possibility of a bespoke programme. All coaching is SRA-accredited for CPD.

Stress Inventory and Introductory Session – 2 hours' CPD

Experience working with Productive Lawyers by taking our comprehensive stress inventory and having a session on the issue of your choice. £185

Practice Excellence Through Personal Change

Are you convinced that you can boost your billing if only you could lose those bad habits? more info...

  • Do you sometimes get pulled up for non-compliance by file audits?
  • Are you always filing documents at the last minute or surfing deadlines until the crisis hits?
  • Is your desk chaotic, do you lose time searching for papers, does an air of chaos surround you?

In this programme I help you set specific goals to enhance your productivity. Together we examine the obstacles you run into on the way. And of course we use EFT and related techniques to dissolve them.

Self-care for Lawyers

Do you find yourself waking at night worrying about cases? more info...

  • Are you plagued by workload stress, post-opinion remorse or trial nerves?
  • Do you eat too much, too little or drink to wind down but it no longer feels so good?
  • Do you find yourself thinking that something has to change?

In this programme we will undertake a comprehensive inventory of all areas of your life and you will identify the areas that you wish to change. We work on the problem areas and as these change, you feel yourself coming alive again.

The Emergency Blockbuster Programme

Is there one outstanding task that is constantly on your mind? more info...

  • Would everything be OK if you could just get on with that one thing?
  • Is there one case that you just can't face?
  • Are you looking disaster in the face and in need of urgent help?

This programme delivers laser coaching to a mental roadblock that is at crisis point. Sessions can take place intensively if necessary (subject to availability) until you get past the block.

Back to Work Programme

Are you off work due to stress? more info...

  • Are you keen to make a swift recovery?
  • Does the thought of returning to work make your stomach turn over?
  • Can you not afford to be without valuable staff who are off work with stress?

This programme allows people to work on reducing their feelings of stress and developing resilience. Where feelings of dread, shame or embarrassment about returning to work exist, these are gently identified and cleared ensuring a speedy and easy return to work.